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Before I introduce myself, let me ask you the following questions about the South Bronx.

Read below or take a moment to watch Patrick Delices in this exciting video

Are you satisfied with the quality of life in the South Bronx?

Do you feel that the South Bronx could improve and be better as a thriving community and blissful neighborhood?

Do you feel that the South Bronx could and should offer you more in terms of employment opportunities, economic empowerment, educational access and affordability, fair housing, home ownership, business ownership, quality healthcare and social services, better sanitation and postal services, healthier food options, cleaner and greener parks, and fair legal treatment and counsel in family, criminal, housing, and civil courts?

This November 7, stop settling for less. Vote for a candidate that can identify the problems and provide solutions. This is not about party affiliations or political clubs this is about who has the best qualifications to get the job done. 

On November 7, Vote Patrick Delices for City Council. I am running for the NYC Council in District 17 to BUILD A BETTER & SAFER SOUTH BRONX!

The South Bronx has such a rich history, dynamic cultural diversity, and great economic promise; yet, in comparison to the other boroughs in New York City, the Bronx in particular the South Bronx is neglected and taken for granted by our politicians, business men and women, investors, law enforcement agents, and judicial officers where crime persists along with asthma, drug addiction, HIV-AIDS, illiteracy, obesity, loitering, littering, unemployment, homelessness, and poor quality of life.

As the People's Politician and a Rationale Republican, it is my duty to serve and represent the people of the Bronx by building a better and safer South Bronx where together we can thrive as a community and blissfully co-exist in our neighborhood.


Paid for by Patrick Delices for U.S. Congress, Congressional District 15 in the South Bronx
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